Sunday, August 10, 2008

मातृभूमि (मूवी)

I am not so sure if the movie and director is so brilliant as it has been painted by many.

While watching it, I was initially liking it in the sense of its basic theme (female infanticide), until the scene of father crying out "what about me?".

Now, that was the nadir of the movie.

In one single shot the movie was brought down from it's glorious heights to abyss of "shock-factor". There was NO need to have such a scene. That scene and others with father being involved with daughter-in-law were written and directed to serve only one purpose, to add more shock and disgust.

Excess of anything is harmful like "ati sarvtra varjvet". That is where my disenchantment and indigestion with the movie begin.

Granted that young sons were desperate as many men of their generation for marriage and ultimately for sexual pleasure. But shortage of women had nothing to do with father trying to get his share. Even in today's world there are plenty of widowed fathers who take care of their children alone without remarrying. Their choice of not marrying again is not altered by availability (or unavailability) of marriageable women. Therefore, the acute shortage does NOT alter the behavior of widowed fathers and therefore, this part of the film was useless for everything other than shock value.

Another shocking thing was to show the 'domestic help' adding urine in the 'sharbat' for the priest. That was also a scene that could have been avoided.
While the director makes a valiant effort and take upon a great issue, he has fallen in the trap of adding more masaalaa (read shocking scenes), thus crossing the line that separates a great movie from not so great ones.

I really wish that this movie was without such scenes, then it would have been one of the best I had ever seen, at least in the sense of basic theme.

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